Illinois Residents Looking To Avoid Foreclosure

MJK Legal Group is a full service law firm dedicated to helping you save your home. The proper foreclosure defense requires you to examine multiple strategies. An Illinois foreclosure attorney can provide you with the best possible defense. Don’t risk the protection of your home! Fill out the consultation form or give us a call. Our dedicated and aggressive attorneys are waiting for you to call (877) 584-6750.

How To Save Your Home

Foreclosure defense strategies can be formed in various ways. Do you know what your options are? During your free consultation, our attorneys will help identify the appropriate course of action. MJK Legal Group was established by attorney Michael Kartsounis, to protect Illinois homeowners. Our attorneys are here to help you save your home from foreclosure. With a simple phone call, we can help save your home from foreclosure. You will become well informed of the process as well as your options.

You May Be A Victim

It is important that you are aware of the impending issues surrounding your foreclosure. You should conduct a thorough review of all previously executed documents. If your documents contain errors, or do not contain the proper signatures, this can aid in your defense. The number of foreclosure cases suspected of fraud is increasing. Wouldn’t you want to know if you were the victim of fraud? We can help! It’s surprising to see the growing number of fraud cases in regards to home foreclosure.

Foreclosure Fraud

Have you heard of robo-signers? A robo-signer is an individual who is not trained in the field, however, has signed thousands of foreclosure documents with false signatures. Is the information on your documents accurate? Many foreclosures do not receive a comprehensive review to determine if all pertinent information is correct. Make sure you are aware of all discrepancies before any foreclosure activity. This could prove critical in your defense.

Does The Bank Have The Right To Foreclose?

Before a bank can foreclose on a home, certain things must be in their possession. Maybe most importantly, the bank must have a note of ownership. Since the housing boom, many loans have been resold as investment opportunities. Many of the ownership notes were subsequently stripped from the actual loans. The bank cannot foreclose on your home unless they have the note. If they are unable to provide the proof of ownership, this helps your case. Reports indicate that under these circumstances, judgments go in favor of the homeowner more often than not.

MJK Can Help You

Clients choose MJK for their foreclosure needs because we provide the legal support needed to answer questions. If there is any information within your documents that proves helpful in your defense; our attorneys will find it. A thorough examination of all documents provides the information needed when trying to save your home. We will discuss additional exit strategies such as Short Sale and Deed in Lieu. Your options and considerations are explained in full; call MJK Legal Group today at (877) 584-6750.